TEA TV: Mindful Moments Photography Challenge

Photography can be such an incredible way to look for moments in our everyday lives that would otherwise go unnoticed. With our complicated lives having been stripped back to basics right now, we have an opportunity rather than mourning what we don’t have to celebrate what we do. There are so many moments of beauty and wonder in our everyday lives, even in things that you might pass off as completely mundane. And our challenge for you is to start to appreciate and see the wonder in everything you have in your life to build you up instead of pulling you into a negative space.

The reason we decided to set this as a photography challenge is because we felt that if you set yourself the task of having to look for these mindful moments, you’ll force yourself to find them and then as time goes on you naturally start to find more and more of them. If you’re filling your day with appreciation, creativity and intrigue you’ll come out of this being reminded that it is the small moments that make up the framework of our lives, and that we can seek beauty in every single moment if we choose to see it.

As we said in the video, there is no previous experience needed for this – just the want to try something different and to be creative. You don’t even have to think of yourself as a creative person – there is no right or wrong here (and secretly, it isn’t really even about the photographs, it’s just a vehicle to get you thinking mindfully).

There are no rules to this challenge, no deadlines or end dates. You can take as many or as few photographs as you like. You might prefer to look for one thing daily and set aside five minutes to find something to photograph. You might take many photographs that you observe as you go through your day. It isn’t a prerequisite, but if you’d like to tag us @fm_doyle in any of your posts on Instagram and use the hashtag #mindfulmomentsphoto we’d love to see your mindful moments.

Here’s a savable guide that you can keep on your device to remind you and give you some hints and tips to get you going! You can just click on the image to save on your phone or right click/ctrl click to save on your desktop device.