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Discover What Rewilding Can Do For People, Nature and Planet...

Get to know four very distinct and different rewilding projects happening right now, helping to create spaces that work better for people, nature and planet. Learn about climate solutions that have real world impacts and are creating a more sustainable future. Featuring RSPB Haweswater, Abbotts Hall Farm, East London Waterworks Park and Thameside Nature Discovery Park.

Explore Your Happy

Selected articles to help you explore your happy – because when you’re more connected to yourself, you’re more connected to the world around you…

Short form original documentaries profiling inspiring people and organisations at the forefront of climate activism, nature connection and natural wellbeing

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tea:tv Streaming: Change Your View

tea:tv Streaming - Together We Swim

tea:tv Streaming - Our Wild Roots

Selected articles to help you discover and explore how travel can have a positive impact on us and the places we visit

Short on Time? Use it Wisely...

tea:tv - Tips for Getting Started with Grass Roots Activism

tea:tv - Foraging Tips for Beginners with Wild Roots Foraging

tea:tv - 5 Tips for Getting into Wild Swimming with Open Minds Active

Using Your Creative Voice for Change

Photography has a unique power to communicate and, whether photography is a part of your profession, or you just enjoy the pleasure of taking photographs, we are all in a position to use our images to tell meaningful and inspiring stories. Vocalising what you’re experiencing in the world around you and presenting it visually can have a significant impact on the way we connect to and understand the world around us. Check out the initiative in partnership with Nikon below…

tea:tv Streaming: Using Your Creative Voice For Change