About Us

Welcome to This Expansive Adventure. We’re here to move away from the idea of unrealistic travel, adventure and outdoors goals and make it more approachable, sustainable, achievable, and inclusive. Our goal is to help you feel better prepared and feel a greater sense of fulfilment whilst doing it.

We were started several years ago by photographers and filmmakers Fay & Matt Doyle. They weren’t naturally outdoorsy, but found an unrivalled passion for adventure, be that in far flung destinations or closer to home. Over time, as we’ve grown, so have our aims. We’re still the same team, we’ve just increased in size. Our core values are around making the outdoors as approachable and accessible as possible. All our guides are aimed to be as inclusive as possible, which you’ll see referenced through the way we write, whilst also taking the environment and the places we tread seriously. We pride ourselves on being one of the most inclusively written sites out there, and reducing barriers to the outdoors is incredibly important to us. 

What started as a small project to help put more non-judgmental adventure content out there, has turned into a growing team of people passionate about helping make your experience of the outdoors better.

What we write about

You’ll generally find that we focus on a combination of content to help make your experience of the outdoors as accessible as possible. One focus is on informational and educational guides, which are written from our expert knowledge pool. In these, whether it’s a hiking guide or informational guide, we try to be as inclusive as possible and focus on sustainability from the forefront. We also provide a whole range of outdoor gear guides including carefully curated product picks to help you have the best advice possible when making purchasing decisions. We always try to provide a range of product prices (as we know that kit can be costly) and we don’t want this to be a barrier to getting outdoors. We rely on a small team of testers who are keen outdoors people (Fay and Matt included) to test rigorously in the outdoors and write honest reviews of everything we recommend. It’s not in our interests to just write reviews for the sake of it – so you can feel rest assured here! Everything we write is coupled with photography and video that demonstrates everything in the best way possible to help you make the best decisions for your needs. 

When you purchase an item through our links, we may make a small commission off the back of that. We’d like to say thank you when you do so – as it allows us to continue to provide you with all the educational and informational resources you love, to the level we do.

Thanks for joining us, and we hope to see you out on the trail!

About our founders

Hi, we’re Fay & Matt Doyle. Whilst adventure and spending time in nature plays a big part in our lives now, we haven’t always been outdoorsy, very far from it in fact! Until about seven years ago, we’d both spent most of our careers so far working in darkened rooms in commercial photography, film and advertising.

This high pressure environment wasn’t a great recipe for our mental health and so in 2016, we started urban walking after work as a way to help us deal with the stresses we were both experiencing at work.

This was a revelation and it wasn’t long before we started going further afield to go hiking. We got the itch to start travelling more to go hiking too. One thing led to another and we found ourselves living a very different life to the ones we had been.

When we decided to start This Expansive Adventure, we wanted it to tell a different story. We found that many of the travel and adventure websites that were already out there didn’t meet people where they were.

We got sick of reading ‘only for the experienced’ and everything seemed to be about bucket lists. We want to show people how to have real adventures, how to try things that interest them but always felt out of reach.

The reality is that most people aren’t travelling all the time and want to dip into adventures in a way that fits into their lives. 

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