TEA TV: The Spaces In-between

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Created in 2020, the film takes a snapshot of a world turned upside down through lockdowns and shutdowns, we are incredibly excited to launch our new film, The Spaces In-between which was created in proud collaboration with The Wildlife Trusts. We’re pleased to announce The Spaces In-between is now in the Lift-Off Global Network Festival Official Selection.

Coronavirus has turned the world as we know it upside down, and as the first lockdown in March 2020 came into effect in London, our business ground to a halt due to travel restrictions. The big adventures that we had grown to rely upon to help us grow and expand as well as live the lives we’d built for ourselves (not to mention our income) were all put on hold and we found ourselves, like everyone else struggling with isolation, disconnection, terror and panic. It is fair to say that Coronavirus has pushed us globally towards a mental health crisis like none we’ve seen in our lifetime.

Within a matter of weeks, alongside the worry, anxiety and depression that came with lockdown, Fay lost the confidence built up over the years – feeling symptoms of anxiety return in a way that had not been experienced for years. At the same time, we were desperate to find a natural space to hike and walk in close to our house in London, and were incredibly surprised when we found a forest that we never even knew existed right by our house – we’d been so busy travelling over the last few years that we never knew it was there. As soon as we started to hike into the forest, off the busy ring road, we felt immediate relief.

It was at that point that Fay decided to set the challenge to hike in the forest everyday – taking in nature, wildlife and the changing seasons. To go back to where everything began with a journey of connecting with nature for mental health and practicing mindfulness. To have an education in the celebration of often forgotten natural habitats in the UK and the places they are. This formed the backdrop of The Spaces In-between in order to help inspire others to find a gentle journey of growth that feels individual to them and educating further on the power of nature whilst exploring their local woodlands and green spaces.

The film follows the story of connecting with gentle nature and wild spaces through Coronavirus and using nature to help your mental health. It looks deeper into the idea that sometimes our biggest growth experiences in life come in the most unlikely ways. If we can be gentler with ourselves, we can learn so much from everything we encounter.

The film, set in Epping Forest in London, is a celebration of the natural and wild spaces that are often overlooked in the UK and the incredible benefits we can get from connecting with them and in turn protecting them. If you’re unaware of the work that The Wildlife Trusts do to help protect our natural spaces, please head to their website and consider a donation.

NB: The Spaces In-between was filmed in 2020 during and as we came out of the first lockdown in the UK. The film maintained social distancing guidelines and exact government law at the time.




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