Winter Adventure – Your skin is as important as your base layers and boots

This post is sponsored by Avon UK

If you’re heading out on a winter expedition, winter hike or adventure in extreme cold temperatures, it’s pretty obvious to think about the clothes you’ll be wearing, how warm your feet will be and how many layers to wear and how to combine them. One thing that is often neglected is the effect something like this will have on your skin. Winter dry skin is usually a given for most people and as soon as the seasons change your skin often feels dryer. This becomes more of a problem at altitude where the air is thinner, colder and the winds are generally stronger. It’s not uncommon to have sensitive skin in winter and this can become really painful if left untreated. When temperatures are going to be extreme with long days and exposure to the elements, if you don’t treat your skin in the same way you treat buying base layers, you’re going to end up feeling pretty rotten. Since we began really taking care of our skin in harsh winter environments, we’ve really noticed a big difference in how we feel and our enjoyment – simply put, if you’re concentrating on painful skin, you’re not spending as much time being mindful of the experience you’ve probably worked hard to have..

When we partnered with Avon on our recent expedition in the Pyrenees, we jumped at the chance to take care of our skin in ways that previous deep winter experiences had taught us we were lacking. Here is our list of skincare essentials you should be packing on any winter adventure, which won’t take up much precious space, are lightweight and won’t break the bank.

Hydrate your lips

In harsh temperatures, your lips will suffer. If left untreated, you could end up with really sore lips that will blister. Do not underestimate the impact this can have on your experience. The Avon Care Hydrating Lip Balm is incredibly hydrating and lasts a really long time, so you do not need to spend time throughout the day applying this.


Protect your skin from harmful rays

Sun lotion is probably the ultimate, most important item that you need to take with you on any winter adventure. It’s a common misconception that when the sun isn’t shining you don’t need to wear sunscreen. Snow reflects sunlight which makes it easier for you to burn and heavily. UVA rays are present in winter months and UV rays penetrate winter clouds. UV radiation increases by 5 percent by every thousand feet you rise above sea level, so if you’re in the high mountains, the factor of sunscreen you wear is incredibly important. A high factor sunscreen is a must for any winter adventure and Avon Sun+ Multi Protection Moisturising Sun Lotion is perfect for the task. Not only is it really quickly absorbed, its non-greasy meaning you can use it on your face as well. We would recommend at least SPF30.


Hydrate your hands (and body)

Your hands can chap incredibly easily in winter, especially if you’re spending your time in different temperature extremes such as a cold day hike and a night in a refuge. Cracked and chapped hands, especially around the knuckles can be really painful and if left for some time can take a very long time to repair. If you’re constantly using hiking poles, working with ropes or anything that involves hand strength, every movement with dry hands is going to cause you pain. This can often take your mindfulness away from the activity at hand which will impede your enjoyment. Avon Care Restoring Moisture with Coconut Oil Hand Cream not only smells incredible (which is a great bonus treat) it also keeps your hands feeling moisturised. We also use this on our faces and feet as well when we’re feeling really cold and chapped.


Protect your lips from harmful rays

Your lips are sensitive to sun damage too and an SPF lip balm is a really important factor in looking after yourself in a winter environment. With a moisturising balm, you might think you only need either a hydrating lip balm or a sun lip balm, but we really recommend taking the two, and for a few grams, this isn’t going to impact your load. Sunburnt lips can be extremely painful and will significantly deter your enjoyment of the experience.