TEA TV: TEA in Conversation With…Barriers to the Outdoors – Episode Seven: Seize Your Adventure with Francesca Turauskis


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We’re really happy to launch the seventh episode of our series, Barriers to the Outdoors.

As you well know, we wax lyrical about the life changing mental and physical benefits we’ve both experienced from developing connections with the natural world around us. We truly believe that the outdoors and connecting with nature is something that should be for everyone, but as it stands it isn’t. The thing is, barriers to the outdoors exist in so many ways, and in many circumstances, in ways you might not even have imagined. As we look to diversify this space and strive to make it more inclusive, every single question asked around the topic of privilege and accessibility in the outdoors, the question of barriers comes up in every single conversation. More questions spur out of the question already asked and we truly begin to gain a sense of just how complex an issue getting into the outdoors is for so many people.

In this series, we’re going to be talking to a whole host of people with really different experiences of what barriers have been presented to them and their communities and their thoughts on the issues surrounding this.

In Episode Seven, we chatted to Francesca Turauskis, founder of Seize Your Adventure, all about epilepsy, adventure and the perceived barriers that those with epilepsy can and do face in the outdoors. This was a real eye opening chat and one we’d really recommend listening to and questioning your perceptions of epilepsy and how it is portrayed. If you’re not familiar with Seize Your Adventure you can find links to listen to their podcast here and follow along with them over on Instagram.

Let’s get listening!

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