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The Canary Islands

We all know – or at least we all think we know – the Canary Islands. This group of Spanish Islands sitting in the Atlantic off the coast of Morocco has long been a favourite destination for European holiday makers. It’s not hard to see why: the islands are a relatively short and inexpensive journey from Europe and offer year-round sun. Most of the islands are well developed for tourists and there’s a wide range of hotels and resorts on the islands catering to all ages, budgets and tastes. Better still, they’re an adventure lovers paradise!

Destination Guides, Adventures and Ideas for The Canary Islands

From the steepest island in the world, to strange, other worldly locations that look like they could be from another planet. Our guides will help you gain inspiration for planning a trip to the Canary Islands. Click on the articles below to explore…

All About The Canaries

Whether it’s short form video or life lessons learnt through adventure, indulge in content set in the Canary Islands to help you dream up your next big adventure…

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