We all know – or at least we all think we know – the Canary Islands. This group of Spanish Islands sitting in the Atlantic off the coast of Morocco has long been a favourite destination for European holiday makers. It’s not hard to see why: the islands are a relatively short and inexpensive journey from Europe and offer year-round sun. Most of the islands are well developed for tourists and there’s a wide range of hotels and resorts on the islands catering to all ages, budgets and tastes.

You can have a fantastic holiday in the Canary Islands – and there’s a good chance that many of you reading this already have! However, it’s also true that many visitors to the islands won’t venture much further afield than their hotel or resort. This is a real shame, because the islands are stunningly beautiful and despite being very close together each has its own unique personality and characteristics.

In partnership with TUI, Discover Something Different on four of the Canary Islands. There’s the stark desert lava fields of Lanzarote that could just as well be another planet. Contrast this with the lush rainforests and hidden waterfalls of La Palma. A sea of sand dunes and traces of an ancient civilisation hidden in the hills awaits on Gran Canaria and we’ll explore a towering, sometimes snow-capped volcano and seas teaming with life on Tenerife.

Below, you’ll find an interactive map of all things nature-based in the Canary Islands, focused on Lanzarote, La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria to explore and gain inspiration to discover something different.