Under Armour Webbing 2.0 Belt

Under Armour UA Webbed Belt


  • A good looking belt
  • Reversible webbing gives two different colour options in one


  • It’s definitely more of a fashion belt and is not ‘optimised’ for the outdoors
  • The relatively complex buckle may wear out over time

Under Armour walk the line between a serious technical clothing brand and a fashion label. The Webbing 2.0 Belt definitely veers towards the fashion side of things. We think it’s a good looking belt and whilst it does prioritise looks over function and would certainly look great paired with a casual outfit, we think it still has the design and features that make it a great choice for the trail.

Product Analysis

Colour: Reversible webbing – black and dark blue
Width: 3.5cm
Material: Polyester
Buckle: Metal

Performance Comparison

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Level: Extremely Stylish

This is a nice looking belt! The webbing has a fine weave and is intended to be reversible – it’s a different colour on each side (black and dark blue) and you can flip the buckle so that either side faces out. The metal buckle is plated with what we’d guess is zinc or nickel – the exact plating material isn’t specified but it does look good. There’s a prominent, but not over the top, Under Armour logo on the buckle too that looks good. You could easily pair this belt with a more formal outfit – it’s nice looking for sure!


Level: Comfortable

As we mentioned at the start, the Under Armour Webbing 2.0 Belt can be viewed as more of a fashion belt. The buckle is relatively complex and has a few thin metal parts that stick out. These won’t cause any discomfort in day-to-day wear, but on a physically demanding hike – imagine something involving scrambling – these could dig into your flesh and cause some discomfort.


Level: Low

The Under Armour Webbing 2.0 is also at the lower price point of products in our round up. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s also less than half the price of some other hiking belts we’ve looked at. As a general purpose belt – not just a hiking belt – we think it represents great value, but if you’re after something that’s more optimised for the trail other options – even more expensive ones – are a better value proposition.


Stats: Polyester webbing and metal buckle

The materials here are nothing out of the ordinary, especially the webbing. However, the buckle is made from thin, pressed metal rather than the thicker pieces used in the metal buckles of other more hiking specific belts. This might not seem like a big difference, but how the piece is manufactured can have a big influence on how it performs and, as mentioned above, the buckle had a few elements that stick out and that could well cause discomfort. In comparison to other belts that have a single piece, rounded metal buckle, this is a very different experience!


Level: Durable

There’s no two ways about it: the Under Armour Webbing 2.0 belt will las for a long time – probably a very long time. The webbing material is basically indestructible unless you consciously try to destroy it with fire or a sharp tool. In normal use, it simply won’t wear out and will need very minimal care. The buckle is another matter. It’s relatively complex and made from a few different pieces. If it’s exposed to harsh conditions, the mechanism could jam up or simply not lock as positively. The plated finish will also certainly wear off in places over time. Any failings like this will likely take a very, very long time to manifest but they are worth bearing in mind. We’ve mentioned that some of the other hiking belts we’ve assessed could be the last belt you ever need to buy – we can’t confidently say that about this belt, though it will surely give many long years of use.


We think the Under Armour Webbing 2.0 belt is a good-looking item. The reversible webbing is a nice touch and the buckle is distinctive without being over the top. But the fact of the matter remains that it’s not specifically a hiking belt and whilst you could certainly wear it on the trail, if you’re looking specifically for a hiking belt, we think there are better options available. That said, if you need a general belt that will as much part of your day-to-day outfits as it will your hiking gear, then this is a good option worth considering. It isn’t too expensive and it looks good to boot.

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