Compare Hiking Belts

It’s very easy to get lost in detail when making a purchase decision or checking reviews. You’ll no doubt know that many reviews simply recycle stats, data and marketing claims from the manufacturer and, really, we don’t think that’s very useful. Any piece of equipment – even something as seemingly trivial as a hiking belt – is an investment and has the potential to improve the quality of your time outdoors. So, we want you to make the product choice that’s right for you! Check out our comparison table below to help evaluate the pros and cons of each hiking belt we’ve reviewed.

Editor’s note: This article is part of our guide to the various options out there right now for hiking belts, be sure to check out the rest of this guide for our top buying tips:

Hiking Belts Comparison Table

Arc'Teryx Conveyor Belt 38
Jukmo Ratchet Belt
Black Diamond Diamond Mine Belt
Amazon Eono Lightweight Nylon Belt
Montane Loop Belt
Fjallraven Canvas Brass Belt
Mammut Alpine Belt
Berghaus Inflection Belt
Jukmo Tactical Belt
Fjallraven Keb Trekking Belt
Under Armour Webbing 2.0 Belt
Kemisant Stretchable Tactical Belt
Arc'teryx Conveyor Belt 32 | 32MM Webbing Belt with a Metal Buckle
JUKMO Ratchet Golf Belt for Men, Nylon Web Tactical Belt with Automatic Slide Buckle
BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Diamond Mine Belt - Black - Medium
Nylon Belt, Men Military Tactical Breathable Belts, fast through the airport security, Metal Buckle+Plastic Buckle
Demo Image
Fjallraven Canvas Brass Belt 4cm - Dark Navy
Demo Image
Demo Image
JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5' Nylon Web Work Belt with Heavy Duty Quick Release Buckle
Fjallraven - Keb Trekking Belt
Under Armour UA Webbed Belt
KEMISANT Mens Belt, Military Tactical Stretch Web Nylon Belt For Gift Men Hiking Hunting 1.5',Cut For Fit
Buying Options
Materials meet Bluesign® criteria, Wider, heavy duty design
Thicker nylon webbing, sturdy design, accessible sizing
Machine washable, simple to use with cold hands and gloves
It's cheap! Good build
Ultralightweight, reasonable price
Textured finish helps the buckle grab fabric well for secure fit, large distinctive logo
Striking looks, low profile buckle for comfort
Simple design built to last, minimal aesthetic
Striking design, Available in wide range of sizes
Lightweight, designed specifically for hiking and trekking
A good looking belt, reversible webbing gives two different color options in one
Variety of lengths and easily cut to size, low profile smooth buckle
Priciest in review, sizing can be inconsistent
Complex buckle could jam over time, buckle coud snag on other garments design and color choices may seem dated to some
Basic color range, lacking in size options
Design is basic, plastic buckle may not last
One length, buckle can be fiddly with cold hands
Pricier than some others, brass buckle could scratch easily
Pricey, maximum length of 110cm
Only one length and color option, pricey
Complex buckle may create weak point, Military look isn't to all tastes
Costly, There may be some long term durability issues
More fashion and not as optimised for the outdoors
More complex buckle could jam over time, limited to two colors
Black, nightshadow, caper, carbon steel, iron oxide, aramon
Black, blue, coffee, cayote, green and grey
Black, grey
Black - red buckle, kelp green, shadow
Dark navy, black and mountain grey
Black, granite, sundown
All grey/black buckle, black, grey, blue, coffee, coyote, green
Black, dark olive with matching buckles
Reversible webbing - black and dark blue
Black or brown
S= 47.1in/1060mm, M= 45.7in/1160mm, L= 51.2in/1300mm
41'/104.1cm, 45"/114.3com, 61"/154.9cm
S=109.2CM/43', M=115.57CM/45.5", L=125.73CM/49.5"
One size
One size
5x length options from XS to XXL
One length
30-34in/76.2-86.4cm, 34-38in/86.4-96.5cm, 38-42in/96.5-106.7cm, 42-46in/106.7-116.8cm, 46-50in/116.8-127cm
98% nylon, 2% polyester, metal buckle
Polyamide webbing, zinc alloy buckle
Polyester webbing, aluminium buckle
Nylon, plastic buckle
Polyester, plastic buckle with metal reinforcement
Aryclic, metal buckle with brass finish
Polyester, plastic buckle
Polyamide, aluminium buckle
Polyamide with aluminium buckle
Elasticated polyester webbing with plastic buckle
Polyester with metal buckle
Nylon stretchable webbing, leather tip on strap with zinc buckle


We see all outdoor equipment as a source of enablement. The right gear choices will help you enjoy your time outside more and encourage you to explore further. But get the choice wrong, and gear can get in your way, ruin your enjoyment and at worst, put you in danger. Sadly, it’s difficult to evaluate what the right equipment choice is for you simply by looking at raw numbers or reading regurgitate sales claims. We want our readers to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do and that’s why we bring our years of outdoors experience to bear on all of our reviews offering real-world insights and opinions alongside the raw numbers.

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