Mammut Alpine Belt

Mammut Alpine Belt


  • Striking looks
  • Low profile buckle will be comfortable over prolonged periods


  • Pricier than some of the other belts reviewed
  • Maximum length of 110cm means it won’t be suitable for those with larger waists.

Mammut are a well-respected and long-established manufacturer of top-quality outdoor gear. In recent years, they’ve pivoted away from traditionally designed products towards much bolder styling and the Alpine Belt is no exception! It’s certainly the most eye-catching hiking belt we’ve reviewed – especially in the vivid pink ‘Sundown’ colour option which really shows off the contrasting branding. It definitely screams ‘maximalism’! But this product isn’t just about looks – like every Mammut product we’ve used, it’s well thought out and very practical on the trail. On the flip side, we’re disappointed to see that the belt is only offered in one relatively short length – 110cm – which will rule it out as an option for many potential buyers.

Colour: Three options: Black, Granit (Grey) and Sundown (Pink/magenta), all with a black buckle
Length: 110cm / 43.3inch
Width: 3.8cm/ 1.5inch
Material: Polyester
Buckle: Plastic

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Level: Extremely Stylish

In recent years, Mammut have gone big on styling, and the Alpine Belt is no exception. The looks of this product won’t be for everyone: aside from the embossed Mammut logo on the buckle, the brand name is printed large on the webbing. It certainly is not subtle! But we like it, especially in the vivid pink Sundown colourway (if you’re going to choose a product that’s so unashamedly distinctive, then you might as well go all the way!). The belt is also available in black and Granit (grey) – and these versions look good too. This isn’t just style for the sake of it – a lot of thought has also clearly gone into the function of the belt. The plastic side clip quick release buckle is quick and easy to use – even with cold hands or when wearing gloves – and the length adjustment – held in place by friction – is easy to adjust too.


Level: Extremely Comfortable

Mammut have a reputation for making top quality outdoor products, and this belt is no exception. The low-profile side-release clip buckle is easy to open and close and the press clips are recessed, so it’s unlikely to snag and accidentally pop open in use. The buckle is unobtrusive in terms of its shape: there are no protrusions to jab into you or snag on or tangle with your other clothing. The belt has the common width of 3.8cm/1.5 inch, so it should fit easily through the belt loops of most trousers and won’t be too prone to twisting. The only downside comes from the belt’s length of 110cm – it’s only available in one size and it’s definitely on the short side. Not only will this rule out the belt as an option for those with larger waists, but it means there will be less surplus material when adjusting the belt – some wearers might find this a bit fiddly and we think that even an extra 5 to 10cm of length could make a large difference here.


Level: High

This is the second most expensive belt in this round up. Let’s face it, you’re always going to pay a premium for a brand like Mammut – they are basically a designer label in the outdoors market. That said, the price premium isn’t that high in absolute terms. It is thoughtfully designed, well-made and certainly looks distinctive. If you value these attributes – and we think the looks are the key point here – then this Mammut belt justifies its price.


Stats: Polyester webbing with plastic buckle

The materials used in this belt are nothing out of the ordinary. The webbing material in the strap is incredibly durable and will likely last a lifetime – though some of the Mammut branding that’s key to the belt’s looks will certainly loose its pristine appearance quicker than this depending on how you wear it. The buckle is plastic – that helps with weight and also ease of use


Stats: 110cm / 43.3inch

This is our main issue with this belt. It’s only available in one size, and we wish it was just a little longer. The belt is unsuitable for those with larger waists, but even those who can wear it may find the shorter length make the experience of fitting and tightening it more fiddly than it needs to be: It’s useful to have some surplus belt to grab onto for this, and, even for those with very average waist sizes, this surplus might feel a little short.


Level: Durable

We have no doubt that the belt will last and continue to function for years, if not decades. However, a big part to this belt’s appeal is its styling and we think some of the styling elements – such as the embossed Mammut logo on the buckle or raised Mammut text on the retaining loop – could start to look a little shabby sooner than you may hope. This doesn’t impact the usability of the product at all, but it’s worth keeping in mind. The plastic side-release clip buckle is also worth keeping in mind: This is very unlikely to fail in use, but we’ve seen these buckles damaged when they’ve been accidentally stepped on by boots on hard floor or when crushed in badly handled luggage. That said, the buckle is a simple and reliable design that adds genuine utility to the product. How you feel about its possible durability is a personal choice.


We think the Mammut Alpine Belt looks great, is well designed and has the potential to last a very long time. Its styling puts it a notch above purely utilitarian hiking belts and you could easily use it to accessorise your evening outfit when you head out for Après Ski. We have some slight concerns about how some of the styling flourishes will age with time, but these have no bearing on the function of the belt (however, when style is clearly important, we can’t ignore these concerns either!). The plastic clip buckle, whilst useful and easy to use, does add a point of concern for the longevity of the belt. The length of the belt will also be an issue for many potential buyers. All that said, though, and as with every Mammut product we’ve used, this is a well-made and sensibly thought-out product that will serve the wearer well on and off the trail.

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