Kemisant Stretchable Tactical Belt

KEMISANT Mens Belt, Military Tactical Stretch Web Nylon Belt For Gift Men Hiking Hunting 1.5',Cut For Fit


  • Variety of lengths, going longer than a lot of other suppliers and easily cut to size for best fit
  • Low profile, smooth buckle to avoid digging in


  • More complex buckle could jam over time from dirt, sand etc
  • Limited to two colours (black and brown)

The Kemisant Stretchable Tactical Belt is a no-nonsense hiking belt with minimalist and functional good looks. What’s more, it’s not as obviously militaristic in its styling as some other so-called ‘tactical’ belts. This belt prioritises comfort with its low-profile buckle and elasticated webbing. It’s also available in a wide range of different colours and lengths (with options available suitable for up to 50 inch waists). We do have some slight concerns over the long-term durability of the belt given some of the materials used and the relative complexity of the buckle.

Product Analysis

Colour: Comes in black or brown
Length: Comes in five adjusatable lengths: 30 – 34”/ 76.2 – 86.4cm, 34 – 38” / 86.4 – 96.5cm, 38 – 42” / 96.5 – 106.7cm, 42 – 46” / 106.7 – 116.8cm, 46 – 50” / 116.8 – 127cm
Material: Nylon stretchable webbing, leather tip on strap
Buckle: Zinc buckle

Performance Comparison

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Level: Very Stylish

If you’re looking for a simple, low profile belt with the availability of longer lengths and stretch, this one may well be for you. In terms of how it looks, it’s pretty no fuss, but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing to be honest – the belt does the job it’s meant to do well without the extra price. In terms of colours, you’re limited to black and brown, and to be honest, we think the black is more stylish and understated. The buckle has a really nice finish – it seems almost matte and we really like the geometric, modern feel to the style and shape Kemisant have used here. If you’re looking for a belt that isn’t covered with brands names, this one fits the bill too – as the brand name/logo is very subtly engraved into the buckle – you’d actually be hard pressed to notice it once you had the belt on.


Level: Very Comfortable

The slight stretch of the nylon belt fabric makes this belt seem pretty comfortable. The lightweight design also means it doesn’t feel very heavy to wear, which does make a difference, and will not create any bunching around the trousers. However, what we liked the most is that Kemisant have five length options to choose from (30 – 34”/ 76.2 – 86.4cm, 34 – 38” / 86.4 – 96.5cm, 8 – 42” / 96.5 – 106.7cm, 42 – 46” / 106.7 – 116.8cm, 46 – 50” / 116.8 – 127cm) so if you’re looking for a belt in a longer length, the Kemisant Outdoor Belt could be a really great option for you. It’s also really easy to shorten the belt to fix to your desired length, which means that you can get a fit that’s perfect for you without having excess fabric – which will really improve how comfortable the belt feels when you’re wearing. The flip top buckle should also mean that if you’re wearing gloves, the belt is easy to adjust. This makes a big difference to your comfort through the day, especially if you’re hiking in cold temperatures where taking your gloves off is a bad idea! We love the buckle in terms of how it looks and how this translates to wearing. The smooth, modern design is really low profile against the belt fabric, meaning it won’t dig in whilst you’re wearing it. This makes a big difference at the end of the day when you sit down to drive home from your hike and everything feels comfortable! The last thing you want is your belt digging in at the waist!


Level: Medium

Within the belts we’ve reviewed here, the Kemisant Outdoor Belt sits in the middle range in terms of price – there are certainly belts out there that are cheaper, but does this belt give you your moneys worth? We actually think that for the price, you seem to be getting something that feels robust, and we hope would last the test of time. There are quite a lot of complex looking mechanisms inside the buckle, though, which over time could jam from the elements (such as sand), lock up or wear out after prolonged use, so for the price, it may be worth considering where you are likely to wear the belt, what kind of terrains you hike in and if this may cause a problem.


Stats: Nylon webbing, zinc buckle, leather tip on strap

Kemisant made a big deal about how the fabric construction of this belt is stretchy, providing extra comfort and give where it’s needed, however we worry this could make the belt a little less durable over time. However, the webbing itself is quite finely woven, more than some of the other belts on our list, and we think that over time this may actually look nicer as there is less opportunity for things to snag and loop between the fibres to create bobbles or blemishes on the belt. The zinc buckle is also a little more lightweight than some of the other options within our reviews and we love the matte finish on the buckle. Zinc is also naturally resistant to corrosion and not easily damaged, so the buckle should stay looking good over time! The leather tip on the belt though – we’re not so sure about – even though it looks sturdy, we think it’s not really necessary and the same effect could have been achieved from using a material with a synthetic finish, something similar to the Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt 38.


Stats: Variety of five lengths – 30 – 34”/ 76.2 – 86.4cm, 34 – 38” / 86.4 – 96.5cm, 8 – 42” / 96.5 – 106.7cm, 42 – 46” / 106.7 – 116.8cm, 46 – 50” / 116.8 – 127cm

The outdoors industry is an area which lacks a lot of inclusivity when it comes to sizing – and we’ve written at great length about how this creates a lot of barriers to the outdoors. To be brutally honest, it also makes a lot of people feel like they don’t have space in the outdoors. One thing we were concerned about with some of the belts we’ve looked at is that the sizing stops at shorter lengths, which knocks a few of the belts we’ve reviewed out if you do need a belt in a longer length. Sure, the longest length on offer here is 127cm, so this won’t be right for everyone, but it is progress and a great option to have. Considering the shorter lengths too, the Kemisant Outdoor Belt has the opportunity to cater to a lot of hikers needs. If needed, you can easily shorten the belt too, but cutting it to the desired length and sealing it.


Level: Durable

What concerned us the most about the Kemisant Outdoor Belt in terms of durability is the buckle. When you look at the ‘workings’ of the buckle, it seems a lot more complex than some of the other models out there and in our reviews. One such area is the quick release – which seems great, and would be good when it comes to wearing gloves or using with cold hands, however, there seem to be several parts within the buckle that could jam, lock up or wear out after exposure to things like sand or prolonged use. This is something to consider, especially if you hike in the desert for example. Of course, only time would tell if the Kemisant Belt buckle would be a problem, but the overall construction does seem largely very solid. The fine webbing would be unlikely to get cosmetic damage so will likely give a really durable solution over time.


We really love that Kemisant have offered a wide variety of lengths of this belt and the simple and modern looking buckle gives a great fuss free design. If colour isn’t something that bothers you at all, and you’re more than happy with black or brown, then we think this belt, for the price could be a really good option for you. However, based on some of the other models out there, we think the colour options are limited and we’d love to see some more bright or contrasting colours being introduced. Overall, though, we don’t love this belt in relation to some of the others we’ve reviewed as we are a little concerned over the buckle being more complex and easier to jam – we just got stuck on this. It’s a good-looking belt, but the reality is, it may not last the test of time as well as some of the other belts in our review.

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