Jukmo Tactical Belt

JUKMO Ratchet Belt for Men, Nylon Web Tactical Belt with Automatic Slide Buckle (Black, Medium)


  • Striking design
  • Available in a wide range of different sizes


  • Complex buckle mechanism may be a weak point
  • Military looks may not be to everybody’s taste

The Jukmo Tactical Belt certainly takes its inspiration form military hardware and it wouldn’t look out of place as part of a soldier’s uniform. Its big, distinctive buckle is its key feature, promising rapid opening and closing as well as length adjustment, however, this is also a complex mechanism that could impact the belt’s long-term durability. The belt is available in a wide range of colour and length options – which we’re very glad to see.

Product Analysis

Colour: Six webbing colour options are offered all with grey/black buckle: Black, Grey, Blue, Coffee (brown), Coyote (beige) and Green
Length: 5x length options from XS to XXL
Width: 3.8cm/1.5inch
Material: Polyamide
Buckle: Aluminium

Performance Comparison

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Level: Stylish

The militaristic looks of the Jukmo Tactical Belt belt along with its distinctive ‘X’ shaped buckle will not be to everyone’s taste, but we also don’t think they are over the top either.

The belt is offered in a wide range of different ‘earthy’ colours options for the webbing – all with the same black buckle – and of particular note, the webbing is offered in five different lengths, making the belt suitable for a wide range of different body shapes.

The quick release buckle is very distinctive and unlike anything else we’ve reviewed. It’s in two halves and closes a bit like a seatbelt in a car. It’s shaped broadly like the letter ‘X’ and the centre contains two recessed latches that need to be pressed simultaneously to open the belt.

One half of the buckle also contains a flip lock which promises very rapid adjustment of the belt’s length – this mechanism is similar to what you’d find on some webbing straps used to secure loads to vehicle trailers.


Level: Comfortable

Outwardly, the belt is quite comfortable, and the buckle has a low profile and doesn’t generally get in the way.

However, in use there are edges and corners on the buckle that could dig into your skin when involved in physically strenuous activity or catch on other garments.

The release latches for the buckle are recessed and are very unlikely to catch and accidentally open, but they could be a bit fiddly to operate if you have very cold fingers.


Level: Low

The Jukmo Tactical belt is very keenly priced. The fact that’s it’s from a relatively unknown maker who sell directly through Amazon probably helps to keep the costs low – certainly we could image this product from one of the bigger outdoors brands coming with a much more hefty price tag.


Stats: Polyester/polyamide blend for webbing. Aluminium buckle.

The material choices in the Jukmo Tactical Belt are not really surprising and are similar to the other belts we’ve reviewed. These materials are a great choice for this kind of belt: they are hard-wearing, relatively weather proof, lightweight and virtually maintenance free.


Stats: Available in five different length option from XS to XXL

Now, this is a feature we really like! The Jukmo Tactical belt is offered in five different lengths ranging from XS, suitable for a 30-36inch waist, to XXL, suitable for a 50-54inch waist.

This is great as it makes the product suitable for a much wider range of body types and shapes. For some buyers, this range of sizes will be a decisive factor in their purchasing decision and it’s a real shame that more brands aren’t as inclusive – indeed some of the ‘big brands’ could learn a thing or two from Jukmo in this regard.

Combining the various length options with the six colour options Jukmo offer, and the Tactical Belt becomes one of the most individually customisable belts we’ve reviewed.


Level: Durable

The Jukmo Tactical Belt is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to durability. We’ve got no doubts about the webbing at all – this kind of material can and does last a lifetime.

The buckle is another matter. It’s made of aluminium, which is a hard-wearing material, but the mechanism is by far the most complex in this review and comprises several parts. We wonder how this mechanism will stand up to years of use, especially if that use occurs in harsh condition where the belt might be exposed to water, sand and grit.

The aluminium won’t rust or corrode, but the mechanism could get jammed with particles. Aluminium is a soft and malleable metal, so there’s also a chance that thinner parts might wear or deform over time, thus impacting the function of the buckle.

Unfortunately, measuring the true durability of the buckle would require years of real-world testing, which is beyond the scope of this review, however, we would advise any buyers of this belt to be aware of this potential durability issue and realise that this belt may not be the last one they every buy.


We’ve got slightly mixed feelings about the Jukmo Tactical Belt. Its military-inspired looks certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, and its elaborate buckle is simultaneously its biggest strength – offering quick adjustment along with rapid opening and closing – and its biggest weakness as its long-term durability is an unknown.

All that said, this is still a good piece of kit. The looks have grown on us and the range of colours and especially the range of lengths the belt is offered in are a definite plus. Coupled with its very keen price point, this make it a great option and, depending on your size requirements, perhaps one of the only options available.

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