Jukmo Ratchet Belt

JUKMO Ratchet Golf Belt for Men, Nylon Web Tactical Belt with Automatic Slide Buckle


  • Thicker nylon webbing than many other belts makes for sturdier design
  • Variety of lengths mean more accessible sizing


  • More complex buckle could jam over time from dirt, sand etc.
  • Buckle design could potentially snag with other garments

The Jukmo Ratchet Belt is offered in a wide range of earth colours and different lengths – it’s great to see this level of options. It looks good and is definitely stylish enough to wear around the office whilst still being ruggedly built and sensibly designed for the trail.

Product Analysis

Colour: Comes in six muted ‘earthy’ colours – black, blue, coffee, coyote, green and grey
Length: Comes in five lengths: 41” / 104.1cm, 45” / 114.3cm, 49” / 124.5cm, 53” / 134.6cm, 57” / 144.7cm, 61” / 154.9cm
Width: 1.3” / 3.3cm
Material: Polyamide webbing
Buckle: Zinc alloy

Performance Comparison

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Level: Very Stylish

The design of the Jukmo Ratchet belt feels quite classical and we like how this belt would work just as well in the outdoors and hiking as it would in the office – meaning you’re less likely to need to buy different products for different purposes.

The webbing is a little on the shiny side though, so may not be entirely suitable for very formal wear. One feature we aren’t massively convinced on though is the fake tongue and bar closure on the belt buckle (the belt actually uses a ratcheting flip top buckle).

We’re not really sure why Jukmo have added this, as it seems to be purely cosmetic (we can’t find any benefit this gives or any element of the belt it controls) and doesn’t really add anything to the overall design whilst providing an inconvenient extra hook to nag things on.

The colours are fairly understated too and it’s nice to have the option of a number of colours (the belt is currently offered in five fairly neutral/earthy tones). We would have loved to have seen some brighter colours, though, to provide contrast to the blacks and browns you often see on hiking pants and trousers! All in all though, we really feel like the durability of this belt over time is going to keep it looking stylish.


Level: Comfortable

The belt seems a lot more micro adjustable than some of the other belts out there at the moment and in our best hiking belt reviews, which allows you to get the perfect fit and adjust based on your needs that day.

This makes a big difference when it comes to comfort, and especially out on the trail when you might be wearing more layers from one day to the next.

The ratchet design will hold the belt in place really tight, however, this kind of ratchet mechanism can lose it’s hold over time so this may mean you’ll need to readjust the belt during the day.

This could get annoying when you’re out on the trail in particularly bad weather. If it’s really cold and you’re wearing gloves, to tighten the belt you’d most likely need to remove your gloves – exposing your hands to the elements, which isn’t ideal.

The latch to release the belt is quite small and can be hard to find, especially when you’re cold or have cold hands and can take a few attempts of fumbling around to find. What’s more, the latches protrude from the buckle and could dig into some wearers in certain circumstances


Level: Low

This is actually the second cheapest belt we’ve reviewed. Honestly, for the price and the build you’re getting for this belt, you really can’t get much better – as even though there are a few areas that could do with improvement from Jukmo on this ratchet belt, we think the good outweighs the bad. Considering it’s a budget option, the belt feels pretty well made and finished and the packaging makes it seem like you’re opening a real treat.

If you’re looking for something that gives you a strong belt that feels like it really could last the test of time, we don’t think you’d be disappointed here.


Stats: Polyamide webbing, Zinc alloy

Jukmo make a big deal about how this ratchet belt is thicker than other belts and the webbing does seem thicker than others. The extra thickness certainly makes the already durable polyamide feel stronger.

However, the material of the belt is a little on the shiny side – we’re not sure exactly why. We wondered if at first this may be because it has been waterproofed, however the care instructions state to clean with a dry cloth only, making us think this isn’t the case.

The zinc alloy buckle, in terms of material is pretty strong too making for something that feels well-made and likely to last the test of time. For the price, the material and structure feels really good!


Stats: Variety of six lengths – 41” / 104.1cm, 45” / 114.3cm, 49” / 124.5cm, 53” / 134.6cm, 57” / 144.7cm, 61” / 154.9cm

The outdoors industry is an area which lacks a lot of inclusivity when it comes to sizing – and we’ve written at great length about how this creates a lot of barriers to the outdoors.

To be brutally honest, it also makes a lot of people feel like they don’t have space in the outdoors, so we were happy to see that Jukmo are offering a wide variety of lengths.

We also liked that any excess is kept behind the main belt rather than in front of it like many of the belts out there. This means that having extra fabric is less of a problem.

Because of the ratchet buckle mechanism, you’ve got a lot of flexibility when it comes to adjusting the length of the belt – which is great if you’re wearing different layers from day to day whilst hiking.


Level: Durable

The thicker webbing does make the belt feel really durable. For the price, we actually think this is one of the most durable options out there.

The thicker webbing also helps the belt feel quite luxurious. However, the buckle mechanism could be a little bit tricky. For example, the release mechanism can be a little difficult to find and might cause a problem if you’re wearing gloves and need to keep them on in less than perfect conditions to keep your hands warm.

There’s also a chance, given that there are fairly complex fixtures within the buckle that there is more space for things to go wrong over time – for example if any debris, dirt, sand etc. gets into the mechanisms there is a chance it could lock up or stop working. However, we think for the price point and the options in terms of lengths alongside the webbing, this belt is a really great, robust option.


This belt has a lot going for it – it feels durable, there’s a good range of colours and a wide variety of lengths to suit a lot of hikers. This is a great belt for the money and given the belt’s build, we don’t think you’d be buying something that you were likely going to have to throw away any time soon!

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