Fjällräven Canvas Brass Belt

Fjallraven Canvas Brass Belt 4cm - Dark Navy


  • Textured finish helps the buckle grab fabric well for secure fit
  • Large distinctive logo


  • Pricier than some of the other belts reviewed
  • Brass buckle could scratch easily

This is a good-looking and well-made belt – exactly what you’d expect from a brand like Fjällräven. It’s definitely more of a fashion belt than a pure hiking belt, but it’ still perfectly suitable to wear on the trail. We particularly like that the belt comes in at a relatively long length of 120cm/47inch. That extra length gives you flexibility – not just for a range of different body shapes, but also if you ned to adjust based on how many layers you’re wearing. Of course, if the webbing is too long for you, it can easy be cut shorter. At 4cm wide, the belt is also ever so slightly wider than most – that will help with comfort too.

Product Analysis

Length: 120cm / 47inch
Width: 4cm
Weight: 110g / 0.24lb
Material: Acrylic
Buckle: Metal buckle with brass finish

Performance Comparison

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Level: Extremely Stylish

Being from a brand like Fjällräven, you know you’re going to be getting a product that is both practical and stylish. With the distinctive logo, this belt is one of our favourites and shows that a belt, even though it is for utilitarian use most of the time doesn’t need to be boring. The great thing about this belt is that it would work just as well on the trail as it would worn casually, so could actually mean you don’t need to have separate belts for different occasions (a much more sustainable option). Given the brass finish on the buckle, it’s more resistant to corrosion, meaning that this belt should stand the test of time and still be looking good in years to come. However, brass does scratch easily, which is something to keep in mind – especially as the belt is intended for outdoor use (and we all know how bashed up our equipment gets over time!). Overall, we think the pros in terms of the way the belt looks outweigh the cons and we think this would give you a belt that you’ll still love down the line.


Level: Comfortable

There are a couple of things to consider with this belt when we’re looking at comfort. Given the belt does have a generous length, it does give a great option of course for anyone looking for something more flexible here. The belt buckle’s teeth are really strong and the texture of the fabric means you’ll get a great hold, which will mean you won’t be having to readjust the belt all day long – something not to be dismissed when thinking about your sense of comfort on the trail. However, because the belt is longer, it might not be the best option for those with a smaller frame, and this could well impact the comfort level when you’re wearing the belt. We love the fact that the buckle sits in slim profile with the width of the belt, but there are a few protrusions on the back of the buckle that mean you may experience some discomfort from the buckle digging into your waist.


Level: Medium

In terms of price and in comparison to the other belts we’ve looked at in this review, the Fjällräven Canvas Brass belt falls about in the middle. But considering the length of time this belt is likely to last you due to its sturdy build, we think that actually, the price is pretty reasonable.


Stats: Acrylic, brass finish buckle

Contrary to what the name suggests, this belt is synthetic rather than being made from canvas. What that gives you with this belt is something that is really sturdy and going to last. We weren’t able to work out if this belt has been waterproofed or not, but it likely isn’t – this could lead to the belt retaining odour fairly easily and given that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend washing the belt (which we can only assume means not washing in a machine), we think you’d need to take into consideration that if you sweat a lot, you might be hand washing and drying this belt more than some of the others.


Stats: 120cm / 47inch

As we’ve mentioned before, this belt does present a slightly longer option for those looking and we love the fact that this does give a more accessible option. However, this of course only gives a more accessible option if the length fits you and we would still love to see more options for accessible belts – something that would help here would be seeing the belt come in a variety of lengths. So, at 120cm / 47inch you can have a good option here. Personally, we find the length of the belt fine – it sits pretty well to be honest. The adjustability of the belt and the strength of the buckle for holding the belt in place does make this belt very flexible and the buckle can be removed and the webbing cut down if you need a shorter belt.


Level: Very Durable

One thing to think about when looking at the material is the brass finish of the buckle. Brass can scratch and so that is something to take into consideration. However, brass as a finish is also incredibly strong and is highly unlikely to corrode at all. Given the belts robust build from a well known brand, we really do think that this hiking belt will last the test of time. It looks and seems really, really well-made. We really love this belt as it presents a sustainable option that will hopefully last you for a lot of adventures to come!


Overall, we really like the Fjällräven Canvas Brass belt as we think for the price, you really are getting a well-made belt that will last the test of time. We personally think it’s one of the more stylish belts on offer and we love that it’s a belt you could wear on and off the trail – meaning you’re less likely to need to buy another belt for different purposes.

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