Black Diamond – Diamond Mine Belt

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Diamond Mine Belt - Black - Medium


  • Machine washable, so easy to look after
  • Simple design is easy to use with cold hands or gloves


  • Fairly basic range of colours
  • Lacking in size options

The Diamond Mine is a minimally designed and sturdy belt from respected equipment manufacturer Black Diamond. The belt shares the same general aesthetic a some of their climbing equipment, which we think is a nice touch. The belt’s ultra-simple and durable build mean it could easily last a lifetime, though we found the muted colour choices a little uninspiring.

Product Analysis

Colour: Minimal colours – black and grey
Length: S= 109.2cm/43inches M= 115.57cm/45.5inches L= 125.73cm/49.5inches
Width: 3.8cm/1.5inches
Weight: 100g / 3.5 oz
Material: Polyester webbing belt
Buckle: Aluminum

Performance Comparison

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Level: Stylish

We like that this belt is referencing climbing culture – and if there is one thing we know that Black Diamond does well, it’s climbing gear. So applying the design cues to their other products was something we really like. This belt is fairly no nonsense when it comes to its design – its quite minimal and inobtrusive, but the dull colour options does mean that this belt isn’t maybe as ‘fun’ as some of the other belts out there at the moment. The fact that the fabric can ‘bump up’ in the buckle can make this look a little weird under a tight t-shirt.


Level: Very Comfortable

The lengths provided by Black Diamond for this belt are actually coming in a little shorter than some of the other options out there, so in terms of comfort, providing you’re sitting within the three sizes available, you’re good, but if not this might not be the belt for you. Which is sad, because we really love the rounded and smooth design of the buckle. It is amazing how much a buckle can impact your comfort, but the round design really helps when you’re sat down, preventing the buckle from digging in. When you’ve finished a long hike (or even if you haven’t) the last thing you want is for your belt buckle to be digging into your waist on the journey home. However the simple design does mean that it may come loose over time, meaning you might have to tighten up the tension at some point during the day. Not the end of the world as we feel that the comfort of the buckle really makes up for this.


Level: Medium

The Diamond Mine Belt sits in the mid range of the products we reviewed for our best hiking belts reviews in terms of price, and to be honest, you’re getting a no nonsense belt that is easy to use for a price you can’t really complain about. We think that this belt would last the test of time as it is a sturdy belt with a fuss free construction so it would be an investment that would last you for years. Black Diamond are well known for their climbing gear, and particularly gear that is safety tested, they’re taking the same technology and applying it to this belt, so we think you can be fairly certain you’re getting your money’s worth here!


Stats: Polyester belt, aluminium buckle

This belt is at the lighter end of the weight scale of the belts we’ve reviewed, and we think this could be due to the minimalist, low profile aluminium, buckle (as aluminium presents a lighter option). The polyester webbing means the belt feels really durable and strong, like pretty much all of Black Diamond’s climbing gear – and this belt really feels like it sits in the same world as their technical equipment. However, the very fine texture of the fabric meant that the belt seemed quite slippery and this could have an impact on how well the buckle holds onto the fabric over time. The end of the belt also doesn’t feel like the most well made of the belts we’ve looked at and feel like it may start to fray quite easily the more you wear the belt. You can obviously cut the end off and seal it with heat if this happens, but we feel that Black Diamond could have done a little bit more when it comes to the finish in areas that are likely to give way first. With that in mind, it really depends how precious you are with things like this – if you don’t mind doing a makeshift fix yourself then this could be a great low profile belt for you. If you do mind, then this belt might be one to avoid.


S= 109.2cm/43inches M= 115.57cm/45.5inches L= 125.73cm/49.5inches

We were a little disappointed with this belt when it comes to sizing actually – even though it might not look massively different to some of the other belts we’ve reviewed, the friction buckle used to close the belt means that the usable size of each length of the belt is somewhat shorter than the actual length, making the sizing feel less generous. This obviously affects the accessibility of the belt and we’d love to see the Diamond Mine Belt in more inclusive sizing. However, the three size options do also work in your favour if they sit well for you, as it means you are unlikely to have lots of extra fabric which won’t be hanging from your waist.


Level: Extremely Durable

Black Diamond are focused on climbing and with this comes safety – you need to know that if you’re going to put faith in a brand’s products, they’re going to work. Given that Black Diamond are applying the same design and technology to their belts says a lot when it comes to durability – you know that this has been designed to last – even if the end of the belt does seem a little bit of an afterthought and could be finished in a more long-lasting way. We also like that this belt is listed as machine washable – this makes a big difference, especially if you sweat a lot! Being able to throw this in with the rest of your washing to keep it fresh rather than having to keep it separate and hand wash is going just makes things simpler, easier and you just don’t need to think about it!


We have been really happy with Black Diamond gear over the years, but we weren’t really able to get particularly excited about this belt. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a great quality belt that would give you a great low profile option, we just thought that in relation to some of the other belts we reviewed that this one didn’t particularly have a lot going for it that puts it apart from the rest either. One thing you are getting, though, is a well-built piece of kit from a brand that you can trust and likely know well. The comfort of this belt is certainly up there and the rounded buckle does make a huge difference here. It really depends what you’re after, and if utility is your main concern, this no nonsense belt certainly gives a great solution!

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