Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt 38

Arc'teryx Conveyor Belt 32 | 32MM Webbing Belt with a Metal Buckle


  • Comes in a variety of colours and sizes
  • Materials meet bluesign® criteria


  • The priciest belt in our review
  • Sizing doesn’t seem to be consistent

The Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt 38 combines rugged simplicity with what we think are genuinely good looks. It’s functional and it looks great too! You could easily pair this belt with a casual outfit. On the trail, it’s rugged and easy to operate – this belt could easily last a lifetime. It’s available in a number of different lengths and colours, including some vivid options we really like. The belt also meets the bluesign® criteria for sustainable plastics – which is great to see. All of this does come at a cost though, and the belt is the most expensive we’ve reviewed.

Product Analysis

Colour: Five colours available: Black, Nightshadow (blue/grey), Caper (green), Carbon Steel (grey) Iron Oxide (orange) and Aramon (red)
Length: S = 106cm/41.7in, M = 116cm/45.7in, L = 130cm/51.2in
Width: 3.8cm/1.5inches
Weight: 119g / 4.2 oz
Material: 98% nylon, 2% polyester
Buckle: Metal buckle with Arc’teryx logo

Performance Comparison

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Level: Very Stylish

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast (which you likely are if you’re reading this review) you might like how the design of the buckle in particular seems to reference or echo climbing hardware. If you’re geeky for things like this like we are, this is actually a really nice nod. The design of the belt feels quite utilitarian, but in a very low profile or understated way and would be a really nice compliment to anybody’s outdoor wardrobe. The belt feels really clean in terms of the statement it makes and well made – we particularly like the tip at the end of the belt which seems to finish the design off nicely. The colours on offer are great too – we’re a really big fan of the colour ‘iron oxide’ as we love the contrast that this kind of orange gives with a pair of black or grey hiking trousers. The belt, overall, we felt is really understated whilst also giving you something that does the job well.


Level: Extremely Comfortable

Given the fact that this belt is available in a variety of lengths means that you can choose the best length to suit you, but this will also improve the comfort you’ll experience as it means you can avoid having too much excess fabric on the belt. We also like that the buckle is really low profile, meaning it’s unlikely to dig into your waist when you’re sat down. There aren’t really any areas of the belt where it can dig into you at all – and this actually does carry its weight in gold so to speak. Even the most mini of buttons or ratchets can have an impact there. The last thing you want when you’ve had a long day hiking is to sit down and have your belt digging into you the whole way home. It’s also that bit wider too, coming in at 3.8cm this means the belt is unlikely to dig in at your waist as well or create any tension on the waist belt of your trousers. We sometimes find that thinner belts can actually make the fabric of technical trousers, especially summer trousers that are often thinner, gather up a little around the waist. That might not outwardly sound like a problem, but the more fabric gathers around your waist, the more it can impact the fit of your trousers around the crotch, which can be problematic if you’re climbing a steep ascent. We think overall, in terms of comfort, this belt is pretty much up there at the top for us.


Level: High

The Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt 38 is the most pricey of the belts we’ve reviewed here. Maybe that’s not surprising as Arc’teryx products are generally on the higher end when it comes to price – and from all of their products we’ve ever tried out, and other friends who own their gear, you are getting gear that you know is going to last, wash and wear well. It’s also important to look at it from a safety perspective too, and knowing you can trust your products in extreme environments is a big win. However, when it comes to a hiking belt like this, where it isn’t really giving you something that is ultimately going to impact your safety, we do wonder if the price is a little bit on the higher side. That said, the way the belt looks and the simple construction as well as versatility are likely to provide you with a belt that will last a long time and mean you don’t need a different belt for different purposes.


Stats: 98% acrylic, 2% polyester, metal buckle

We really like that Arc’teryx have made this belt to meets the bluesign® criteria for sustainable product manufacture. What that means is you’re getting something from a retailer who is actually starting to put sustainability at the forefront of their products. That was a big win for us – but coupled with the long lasting 98% acrylic, 2% polyester construction this belt really does feel pretty hard wearing. Obviously it is impossible to say how long something will last (how can you) but you can also get a good idea of how something will wear – and we really like how this ties together those sustainable production credentials and a belt that is built to last. We really liked the end of the belt too – over time, some belts can feel like they could very easily fray and having the protective cover means this is unlikely.


Stats: S = 41.7in/1060mm, M = 45.7in/1160mm, L = 51.2in/1300mm

We really like that Arc’teryx have created a range of lengths to provide a bit more accessibility, but we would like to see more of a range when it comes to lengths here – it is still limited. However, the fact that you can find a length that is most suitable to your frame is a win here. One thing we did find though, was that the lengths outlined don’t seem to be entirely consistent with what you’re sent. We’ve actually seen quite a few people mention this when you look directly at the product on the brands website – the length that is specified on the product doesn’t always seem to line up with the length when you measure it. This obviously sets you up with a bit of uncertainty about which size to buy, but we’d recommend not deciding based on S/M/L and going with the actual lengths for a more controlled fit. Brands vary wildly in what they decide upon when it comes to S/M/L so if actual sizing is available this is always the best thing to go with. To give them credit, this could have just been a bad batch where we saw this mentioned, however, we do think that Arc’teryx could do much better here and we’d be very happy if they could look into this to ensure that the sizing and measurements are consistent.


Level: Extremely Durable

This belt feels really durable, and seems to have a much higher level of construction quality than some of the other models out there on the market at the moment. The buckle feels like it is really well made, however there can be a bulge that appears over the time the belt is being worn that eventually makes the belt wear loose. This isn’t ideal, as it means you may need to look at readjusting the belt over the course of a day. If you’ve got really cold hands, and are wearing gloves, that isn’t really something you want to have to do. We feel that one of the problems here is that the fabric of the belt itself seems quite smooth, so unlike a belt with teeth for example, the buckle is relying on tension to hold onto the belt fabric and because it seems smoother, it may be the reason this belt can seem to loosen itself.


We really like the Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt 38 for it’s sleek design and the range of colours it comes in, it really is very stylish looking. We loved the nod to climbing hardware with the design and also love how the buckles compliment the colours available. Arc’teryx are also a brand we’ve come to know and trust, so we will always be on the lookout for how their products perform and the options they offer. However, we do think that for the price, there are possibly better options out there and the problem with the belt loosening over time is frustrating. Considering the brand have designed this belt with sustainability in mind, though, and the aesthetic of the overall product, we think that it wins out overall.

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