Amazon Eono Lightweight Nylon Belt

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  • It’s cheap!
  • Despite its low price, it still makes use of good quality components


  • The design is a little too basic and you might think it looks cheap
  • The plastic buckle may impact long term durability

First and foremost, the Amazon Eono Lightweight Nylon Belt comes in at a great price point. It’s substantially less expensive than any of the other products we’ve reviewed – so much so that we can’t not make a big deal about this! However, despite its low price, the Eono still comes with some good features, including a metal-free POM buckle from YKK (who you might recognise as the world’s largest fastening manufacturer). The Eono is sold as a work belt, but we think it’s equally well suited to the trail. Many readers will no doubt find it difficult to get excited about hiking belts, and the low cost Eono is a great option in this case: it does the job, it’s rugged, and did we mention it’s cheap?

Product Analysis

Colour: Only available in black
Width: 3.8cm/ 1.5inch
Length: 130cm/51inch
Material: Nylon
Buckle: Plastic

Performance Comparison

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Level: Stylish

The styling of the Amazon Eono belt is certainly minimalist, and it reflects the product’s budget price point. There’s no visible branding on the belt – which is probably how most buyers would want it. The belt is only available in black and the coarse weave of the webbed belt is complimented by the matte plastic finish of the buckle. Some may argue that this belt looks a bit cheap up close. There are no eyelets in the webbing so the length of the belt is finely adjustable. The buckle has a flip lock mechanism that must be opened and closed a bit like the seatbelt in an aeroplane. This belt is certainly not as good looking as some of the other options we’ve reviewed, but, critically, it’s also very far from being bad looking and we think you could easily pair this belt with a casual outfit on a night out.


Level: Very Comfortable

This is a generally comfortable belt. The webbing is the standard 3.8cm/1.5inch width and the buckle is only a little larger and critically quite low profile, so you won’t be aware of the belt whilst wearing it. Whilst the buckle features rounded surfaces, we did notice that it still has a few more pointy edges and there’s a real chance that these could dig into your skin in certain conditions – for example on a steep ascent, when scrambling over rocks or even when sat down in a car. Ultimately, it’s difficult to quantify how much of a problem this may be – as it’s something that will likely be experienced differently by different people


Level: Low

This Eono Lightweight Nylon belt is the least expensive product in this round up – and that’s by a large margin too. In fact, the next most expensive product is roughly a third more expensive than the Eono. We can’t ignore this price and it represents great value for sure! Let’s be blunt: most people don’t think belts are exciting things and spending the minimum amount possible on a product that’s good enough to get the job done is probably a good description of many people’s thought process when purchasing a belt. In this regard, the Eono scores top marks! Low price is often associated with low quality. For sure, the Eono is not as subjectively ‘nice’ as some of the higher priced options in this round up, but it certainly isn’t low priced garbage either: you still get a belt made from durable materials that we think looks pretty good too.


Stats: Nylon webbing with plastic buckle

There are no real surprises in the material choices in the Amazon Eono belt. The nylon webbing will last a lifetime and Amazon make a big deal about the buckle featuring no metal – that could well be a bonus for regular air travellers as shouldn’t need to remove it when passing through security (though, to be fair, our experience is that airport security typically makes you remove belts regardless of what they are made of – so this advantage is perhaps a moot point!). The plastic buckle is sourced from well-known fastening manufacturer YKK and has a matte finish that we think looks good against the nylon webbing.


Stats: 130cm / 51inch

The Amazon Eono Lightweight Belt comes in a single length: 130cm. This is fairly long and is suitable for a wide range of different body shapes and sizes. Some wearers may find the belt too long, and there will be a lot of excess material to deal with when it’s tightened. If that’s the case, the buckle can be loosened and the webbing can easily be cut down with a pair of scissors (its recommended you then ‘seal’ the cut edge with a lighter flame to prevent it from fraying). It’s better to cut down the end of the webbing beneath the buckle so you don’t lose the tip on the other end of the belt. Amazon provides a ‘how to’ video for this in their product description – it’s a fairly straight forward process.


Level: Durable

The Eono’s nylon webbing is virtually indestructible in normal wear, so we have no issues here. The buckle, however, is a different matter. It’s not only made from plastic, but is also a multi-part mechanism, so there’s a good chance that with time, it might wear down or get jammed up with debris – all of which could impact its long-term durability. However, we don’t see any issue with the buckle wearing out in the short term and, whilst the design may not be as absolutely durable as some of the single-piece aluminium buckles featured on belts we’ve reviewed elsewhere, the Eono should still give many long years of use.


The Amazon Eono Lightweight Nylon Belt makes no bones about being a budget option. It looks basic, but it’s also a well-featured product that would make a great hiking belt. We have some concerns about the long term durability of the all-plastic buckle and it’s relatively complex design may lead to some comfort issues for some wearers too, but none the less, we think this belt is a great choice for the trail regardless of whether you’re on a budget or not. If you can look past the offerings of the big outdoor brands, there are some great options available from less obvious sources and this belt encapsulates this perfectly. And did we mention the price? If you need to work to a budget or simply don’t get excited enough by belts to want to spend a lot of money on one, then the Amazon Eono Lightweight Nylon belt is definitely worth a look.

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